Rimrock Country

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When Ava Honey, Beth Mason, Dave Daley and Tate Mason get together, the results are proof the quartet is aptly named. The band’s acoustic roots are like a time machine, set to arrive in an idyllic era past. With its spankin’ new sophomore release, Rimrock Country (self-released, 2016), Idyltime acts as a guide on this trip through time. Daley picks the hell out of Idyltime’s mashup of traditional tunes “Lacy Brown” and “Sugar in the Gourd” and 18th century foot stomper “Buffalo Gals.” However, Idyltime also delivers a promise of longevity—like the formation for which the album is named—with well-crafted original songs (many written or co-written by Honey), like “Tied Up and Tangled,” woven together with memorable melodies and sweet Honey-Mason harmonies that linger.     -Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly

Around the circle
Pickin at Audiolab Studios in Boise, Idaho.

Rimrock Country was recorded live at Audiolab by Steve Fulton and Pat Storey in December 2015. Consisting of 11 original and 4 traditional songs, their latest contribution delves into the time and space of love lost and found. Driven by fiddle and banjo, tied together through harmony, and energized by the bass fiddle, Idyltime’s new album is a toe tapping retrospect.

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